i did a new tattoo on my friend Leksa today 

thank you buddy , such a great time

today's ...

 early matinal drawing session  .

girls on skin

During those last 6 months ,i was crazy busy with tattoos and didn't get a chance to finish new illustrations exept a small think for grand-ma...and a new print for if i...

but people ask me for girls on their skin, so here are some of them 
more will come soon when completed 


some tee-shirts illustrations for the co-branding" Beams X rendez-vous by if i...",  
 it was presented on the rendez-vous paris showroom as previous for the summer 2009


Eat me , Drink me .

new drawings for" eat me drink me" show and book release  at l'art de rien , Paris 


aaah la californie


paper pusher show, G1988 SF

Thank you Katie !!

you can find sizes and price list on san francisco , paper pusher show

avant les vacances

ca y est la rentree approche ; mais que de choses cette ete !!!!
preparation de l'expo paper pusher a la gallerie 1988 a San Francisco


for 2008 , we did a new common tattoo , sarah and i.
it was a long time i didn't tattoo on myself , arr not so bad , wasn't it sarah?

double bling bling f... you.